Big Bottle Co. - $29.99 120mL

Strawberry Milk - Everyone's favorite combo.

Blueberry Cake - Warm blueberry dessert.

Cinnamon Cream- Milky, sweet, and spicy.

Good Ol' Custard - Pistachio custard with extra vanilla.

Jelly Donut - Raspberry jelly filled donut.

Summer Drink - Blackberry peach lemonade.

Electric Lemonade - Blue raspberry lemonade with a twist.

Pink Lemonade​ - A perfect blend that will remind you of summertime.

Patches - Sour watermelon raspberry candy.

Wildberry Limeade - sour drink vape.


Strange Fruit- $30.00 100mL

Frooty Booty - Rainbow snow cone syrup.
Rotten Candy
- Grape soda licorice.
Fried Eye Scream
- Deep fried fruity pebble ice cream sandwich.
Spoiled Milk
- Key lime milkshake.

​​​Keystone Vapor $20.00 60mL

Barn Door Breeze - Raspberry, Strawberry and little Grape mixed with a touch of Menthol
Birch Beer - Birch Beer has similarities to root beer but has a distinctive birch flavor. 

Lazy English Tobacco - A smooth refreshing Tobacco flavor with out the harshness. 

Nates Nectar - Honey dew, Pear, Peaches and Berry. 

War Pig - A melody of fruits and coconut with a slight creamy flavor.​

$30.00 100mL

Circus Cookie -Pink frosted animal crackers.
Cotton Candy
- Classic mixed berry cotton candy.


9am-9pm Monday-Saturday

11am-5pm Sunday

We are proud to carry local E-liquid.

Doh Nuts - $24.99 60mL

Strawberry - Donut Blend with creamy filling.

Pebbles - Cereal and donuts, a perfect match.

Kronuts - Glazed cream-filled pastry.

DripFlavors - $29.99 100mL

Cherry Watermelon Gummy  -  Sweet and Sour
Strawberry Lemonade - Fresh squeezed.

Mint-o-Mint - Minty fresh all day vape.
Sour Apple Kiwi Gummy - Tangy sour candy finish.

$21.99 30mL (45mg)

Punch - Fruity punch blend.

Blue Razz Lemonade - Sour blue summer drink.

Mint - A wicked blend of ice cold mints.

Orange Mango Guava -  Tropical madness.

$21.99 30mL (50mg)

Lava Flow - Strawberry pineapple coconut.
Brain Freeze - Strawberry kiwi fruity menthol.

Frost Bite - Pineapple melon menthol blast.

Really Berry - Blue razz with citrus.

American Patriots - Tobacco blend.

Aqua - $24.99 60mL

Pure - Strawberry apple watermelon.

Flow - Pineapple mango guava.

Oasis - Peach cantalope papaya.

Mist - Green Apple peach kiwi.

Blue Razz - Sour fruity chewy candy.
Sour Melon - Tangy sweet watermelon candy.

Savage - $20.00 60mL

Harley Quinn - Raspberry cookies dipped in cold milk.

Jason Bourne - Pineapple strawberry cream slushy.

Claire Underwood - Watermelon candy with razzmatazz. 

​Frank Underwood - Blue raspberry candy with razzmatazz. 

Bond - Strawberry kiwi dragonfruit with a touch of menthol

Cena - Banana waffle cone with vanilla ice cream.

Hugh Jackman - Strawberry coffee cake with whipped cream.